march madness//striking

March 2nd will be the first appearance of an group of musicians(tyler d, greg s, landon c, and mitch d) at Bear’s Place, Bloomington, IN.

March 4th Bad Eyes will be performing live for the first time at the Earth House, Indianapolis. More sounds from DREKKA and REVENGE ETERNALS, and visual pleasure from JASON PITTENGER-ARNOLD (http://www.jasonpittengerarnold.com/) and AUSTIN REAVIS (Idledrive Industries) (http://www.idldriv.com/)

March 11th Learner Dancer will be performing at the Black Sparrow in Lafayette with Drekka.

MARCH 27TH Learner Dancer will be performing in Indianapolis for the first time in several months. This will be the official release show for our cassette Radiation(available via Bitchin’ Sounds). Burnt Ones, STNNNG, and Child Bite will also be performing. And all this is happening at the Vollrath.